.We supply "Reliant" Shirts and Collars


S7331   Tunnel Collar Shirt 1 Pocket                                                                 £24.00

            Spare 1" collar included

            Available in black, grey, navy, royal, light blue, green and purple

S7341   Spare 1.25" collar included

            Available in black, grey, royal and light blue


S7431  Short Sleeved Tunnel Collar Shirt 1 Pocket                                            £22.00

           Spare 1" collar include

           Available in black, grey, navy, royal, light blue and green


S7321  Collar Attached Shirt 1 Pocket                                                               £24.00

           Spare 1" collar included 

           Available in black, grey, royal and light blue


S7421  Short Sleeved Collar Attached 1 Pocket                                                 £22.00

           Spare 1" collar included

           Available in black and grey


S7171  Fly Front Fastening Shirt for full Clerical Collar                                    £24.00

           Available in black, grey, navy and royal

S1171  Button through Shirt-Single Cuff                                                           £24.00

           Available in white


S1181  Button through Shirt-Double Cuff                                                          £26.00

            Available in white


S7571  Back Fastening Shirt for full Clerical Collar                                           £24.00

            Available in white


S7151   Tonsure Shirt                                                                                         £28.00

             2 collars included

             Available in black and grey

S8131   Ladies Tunnel Collar Shirt                                                                     £24.00

            Spare 1" slip in collar included

            Available in black, grey, light blue, blush pink and lilac

            Sizes 10 to 26


            Slip in Collar (1" or 1.25")                                                                       £1.50

            neck sizes 13" to 18"


            Vicar Collar (1" or 1.25")                                                                         £3.50

            (for fly front fastening and back fastening shirts)

            neck sizes 13" or 18"


            Tonsure Collar                                                                                          £3.50

            neck sizes 13" to 18"


            Front and Back Studs                                                                                £2.00

            (per stud)


A post and packing charge of £3.00 applies to all shirt orders

Please note that as these shirts are not manufactured by us we are able to supply standard sizes and colours only.

For an additional charge (add at least 50% to the above prices) we may be able to supply non-standard sizes and colours.

Collars in sizes 18.5" and upwards add 50% to the above prices